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Why Organic?

There are many reasons to go organic when it comes to your lawn care. Eliminating harmful chemical pesticides and weed control from your yard and life will benefit your lawn, as well as you and your family’s overall health and well-being through encouragement of bio-diverse methods of lawn care and treatment.

When you go organic with your lawncare, you will experience the health and environmentally-friendly benefits in the form of:

The Dream


 Healthy growth and discouragement of unwanted pests through organic treatments will give you and your family the lawn you’ve dreamed of! After all, a big part of a dream home is the dream lawn—the biggest complement and accent to your home. The Organic Yard Company is dedicated to this idea of promoting healthy sustenance and management of dream lawns. We’re not going to lie and tell you that you need expensive chemicals and subsequent, costly treatments, just to make an extra buck! 

Our 5 Principles


The following are what we believe to be important as we look at the organic care of turf from all angles.

1: Bio Nutrition

By stimulating and adding to the existing soil biology we allow your turf to use existing nutrients that have been previously locked up to be released and utilized to their full potential.

2: Natural Sources of Plant Nutrition

Just like Humans, your lawn needs food to grow and be healthy. We will provide your lawn with natural sources of nutrients. We promise to NEVER use human or animal waste as a source of fertilizer only the best natural ingredients to ensure a luscious green lawn for years to come.


3: Use of Bio-Stimulants

In order to prevent environmental stresses on turf we use humates, kelp and other bio-stimulants to promote stronger cellular structure and deeper, healthier roots.


4: Chemical Free Control Products

There are many safe and effective ways to control pests like grubs without using harmful chemicals. Every lawn requires control products to ensure a safe environment for your family while they enjoy their lawn. With chemical free control products your lawn will be pest free while your family stays healthy and free from chemicals.


5: Stay Informed

Education and Information…The more you know about your lawn the more successful our lawn program will be.



So much depends on proper mowing, watering and other cultural practices that we always want you to be informed. The organic lawn care specialists here at The Organic Yard Company can inform, educate and keep your lawn looking beautiful for years to come.

Deer Tick Treatment

Find out how to protect your beloved pets and family from deer ticks using our organic method.

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